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Mastering Technical Drifts

Presentation trumps fly selection, which is obviously not to say that the fly isn’t important, because it is. But you’ll catch more fish by perfectly presenting the wrong fly than you will with the right fly but a poor presentation. But getting that perfect presentation can be tough, especially in conflicting currents. Is your dead…

When All Else Fails

What do you do on the river when you’ve tried every fly in your box and nothing works? Tune in to the March issue of American Angler Magazine to get some ideas and tips to help you ‘When All Else Fails’. Tactics and tips, not only for fly selection but also which methods to use…

Hey Virginia!!

The Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival is coming to town! Stop by Doswell, Va January 13-14 and enjoy fly fishing, wine, good company and tall tales. Checkout a seminar or class while you’re at it!

Playing Pool

No two pools are exactly alike, except in the fact that they often offer more fishing challenges to us anglers than almost any part of the river. When I fish pools, I take a moment to identify the food distribution according to the water movement; in other words, where does the current push the food…

TFO Proudly Introduces the Drift — the Definitive Nymph Fly Rod

Fly anglers have evolved nymph fishing to a level requiring a rod uniquely able to meet the competitive demands of tight-line tactics such as Czech, Polish and French styles. In response, TFO Advisor Jason Randall designed the Drift – engineered to be the definitive nymph fly rod by combining a perfectly balanced light-to-the-hand feel with…

Jason Randall Joins TFO National Advisory Staff

Temple Fork Outfitters is excited to announce Jason Randall has joined fly fishing luminaries Lefty Kreh, Ed Jaworowski, Bob Clouser, Flip Pallot, Blane Chocklett, Jake Jordan, Wanda Taylor, Gary Dubiel and Rob Fordyce as a TFO National Advisor. Rick Pope, Founder and Chairman said, “Jason epitomizes a life-long commitment to sharing his vast knowledge welcoming…

Driftless Daydreams

This one was very cool because I got to share my home waters in the Driftless area of Southwest Wisconsin! Although I don’t blow up anyone’s favorite hole, I get to share some awesome new flies that not only kick it on the driftless streams, but also work well on any other river or stream….

Ready, Set…GO!

In the August issue of American Angler, ‘tune in’ for a ‘tune up’! Preparation and practice make perfect, so visualizing the drift, anticipating the strike and planning the hookset helps you land more fish. Know ahead of time where you’ll fight the fish and hope to land it helps you steer clear of trouble spots….

‘Covering Bases’ In the July/ August issue!

Cover bases with me in the current issue of American Angler Magazine as we explore alternatives to the standard two fly, dry-dropper rig. It’s not just a hopper-dropper thing!

‘Nymph Masters’ goes to second printing!!

Nymph Masters; Fly Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers’, has sold the fIrst printing in five weeks!! There will be a slight delay until the second printing becomes available in mid June.