Tune in to the next issue of American Angler for ‘Control Freak’! ¬†Improve line control to improve your presentation and slack management to hook and catch more fish.087

Line control influences our catch rate for trout more than any other factor. Whether we want a dead drift for nypmhs or animation for wet flies and streamers, line control is paramount.

Line control is the management of our line to improve the presentation of our flies and to manage slack to improve hooksets and hookups. Sounds pretty simple, but its not always easy. In fact, it takes a lot of practice.

Good line control leads to a good presentation. If a drag free drift is what is needed, then our fly must be free of extraneous influences from our line or leader. You’ll catch more trout on an improperly chosen but well presented fly than you will with the right fly that is poorly presented.

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