Month: December 2016

The Fy Fishing SHow

The Fly Fishing Show starts in Denver on January 6th, 2017!! Classes are still available- there’s a few openings for Advanced Nymph Fishing on Friday and Wet Flies on Saturday. Sign up on line to up your game for next year.

Nymph Masters; Fly Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers

Nymph Masters: Fly Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers will be delayed in publication due to logistic problems. The release date, originally set for January will be pushed back about six weeks until mid February. For a book almost three years in the making, a few more weeks is no big deal. Sharing nymph fishing secrets…

Reading Riffles

Tune in to the next issue of American Angler for ‘Reading Riffles’, to get the most out of fishing riffles! This article covers not only where to fish in riffles but also how to fish to get the most out of every riffle opportunity.

Badger Fly Fisher’s Spring Opener

Badger Fly Fisher’s Spring Opener is set for February 11th, 2017. Come enjoy a full and fun day, complete with evening banquet!

Picking Pockets

While pocket water often holds the nicest fish of the day, it also creates a big challenge for the angler. The currents in pocket water are complex, with multidirectional flow- the water may be moving in opposite directions in layers separated vertically by only a few inches. This chaos of current requires angling adjustments to…