Trout Sense: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What Trout See, Hear, & Smell


The more you know about trout, the more fish you’ll catch. This third and final book in Jason Randall’s series explains the trout’s world for fly fishers who want to know more about their quarry.

  • An in-depth look into the trout’s world to help anglers better understand the fish
  • Detailed explanations of what trout see, hear, smell, and taste
  • Contains 100 photos and illustrations to demonstrate aspects of trout biology


“Takes an in-depth look at the trout’s world and how the fish experiences it. Understanding the senses of your quarry will allow you to better determine the best way to approach it, as well as which flies to choose.”
American Angler


“Randall explains…how [trout] can taste the differences in the different types of food that they have available to ingest. He explains in fine detail how the makeup of trout eyes allows them to see things in the manner they do. Interestingly, trout have a keen sense of smell, which is something that most anglers do not take into consideration. All of these factors, once learned, can help any fly angler put together a total battle plan to take to their favorite stream or river to combat the wily trout. Randall’s lessons will increase the success of any angler armed with a fly rod.”
–Steve Sarley, Northwest Herald